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i bought this lovely thing:

on ebay a MONTH ago. for a good three weeks, it has been sitting in my apartment, staring at me through its bright blue flashbulb (not pictured, but definitely cool.)

every day, i run to our door when i hear the jangling of keys in the lobby, hoping it's the mailman bringing my package from adorama: ten rolls of b&w film, a developing tank, a battery to make my polaroid work, and three boxes of film packs. i waited three weeks. i was bemoaning the mailman, the us post office, the great halifax storm of the year, part III -- and there's a knock on my door.


nothing in the world makes me happier than a package.

except maybe this:

i don't think my camera's been USED since the 1960's, also when it was most likely bought. i found its original battery inside the compartment, complete with the blue guck of corroding battery acid. this box of flashbulbs made me realize that i should be a girl who owns a tattered copy of "twister".

i've only taken two photos so far, but i haven't screwed them up too badly.

i love my sheer white curtains. i also love how, despite the fact that the camera's TECHNICALLY automatic, i could focus it on the tree out the window:

and this is me proving that "no closer than four feet" does NOT mean "no closer than your knees' length away from your head":

once i figure out how to stop the vignetting in those photos (which i like, but only if it's there on purpose), i'm going to fill my studio with image transfers.

i need rope to hang all my polaroids and negatives from the ceiling of my studio. if i ever get clients, i'm inviting them in to see what a triangular studio-darkroom only large enough for a table, and half-filled with empty luggage, looks like.
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