your urban spaceman (dukkha) wrote,
your urban spaceman

does pain in my gums, right in the empty gum-space behind my teeth, mean that my wisdom teeth are growing in? i haven't been to see a dentist since -- well, i'm not sure exactly, but it's been at least two years. and i'm a late bloomer in most every respect. and my jaw is tiny. and my BLOODY GUMS ACHE!!

i shouldn't use the internet as a resource so often. the availability of information on every single physical malfunctioning is only there to torment my soul, i'm convinced. sometimes it's useful, like when i went to the free clinic for my bladder/back problems and was prescribed a muscle relaxant that didn't help at all. i self-diagnosed a pinched nerved in my back, took ibuprofen like the good recommended, and was fine in a few days. or when ian was really sick, and i decided he had evil parasites and we flushed them down with paranoia and clove tea (yes, it tastes TERRIBLE). and i've narrowed my foot problem which has been plaguing me for months now down to either tendonitis or metatarsalgia, neither of which i can do much about.

but according to dentistry websites, wisdom teeth can give me tumours!

so at-home surgery is on the bill. who's good with a scalpel?

and oh yes, the primary function of this entry was ACTUALLY to say that i'm making a number of entries friends-only, which is something i didn't really want to do, but is probably a good idea due to a number of factors, none of which i'm discussing. jesus, i'm using a lot of 100-word sentences today.

so i guess my point is that you'll have to get yourself a livejournal account (c'mon, they're FREE!) and let me know what you're calling yourself if you have any desire to read the juicy bits. if you're interested, i'll let you in. i'm not selective, i'm just not comfortable with not-knowing who reads this, anymore. okay?

sam, this is not to hide things from you, but merely to de-publicize certain information. so if you'd like to read it, i'm more than willing to allow you to do so. just let me know.
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