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mittens for kittens, or earmuffs for snuff

goodbye, hat.

hello, earmuffs!

i love them. i came home today wearing them, and ian looked at me like i were an alien. or a bug. or potentially even an alien bug. at any rate, his face said "who's the demented girl wearing the fluffy earmuffs, and why did she just walk into my apartment?"

i figure he'll come around in a few days, once he realizes the utter BRILLIANCE of wearing bright blue kittens to keep my ears warm.

oh, and in case you want to rush out to, i don't know, abercrombie or whatever store it is that sells all today's trendy expensive garbage, don't bother -- these babies came straight from CHINA! home of communism and chinese people. how exotic!

okay, they didn't come STRAIGHT from china. they actually came from halifax's own chinatown, by which i mean the kiosk in the middle of park lane mall that sells chinese goodies, or potentially the two-level asian grocery up my street. the latter always smells like rotten veggies and has a freezer full of treasures, most of which i'm convinced are actually mangled human heads salvaged from car accidents. the former seems to be frequented only by myself, from what i can see, because it always seems to be having "going-out-of-business"-type sales.

halifax has no chinatown, by the way. not even two chinese places in a row. i think that, being a middle-of-nowhere country girl, i need to think bigger.

i want to move to new york city.

really, it only makes sense. if i've lived in the middle of nowhere, and the middle of everywhere, then i'll know what the world's all about. no, really. i'll know.

other "middle of everywhere" contenders include:
hong kong
london (it's the remnants of british accent in me)
and montreal, mostly because it's the only canadian city of any magnitude i could really see myself moving to.


see, kids, this is what dropping out of university after year one does to you. i'm really worried about my impending illiteracy.
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